Cap ridge is an indispensible part of the roof system where conformity to aesthetics and structure is required. After you resolve on the choice of your roof panel forming system, we’ll provide you with the most suitable cap ridge roll forming machine to make a system of your own gross sales products and to satisfy your customer’s requests.
Working Precept Polyurethane resin,curing agent,and foaming agent are delivered to high-velocity mixing head in certain proportion by means of metering pump,evenly combined and repeatedly coat on basal plate by coating head’s reciprocating motion,then enter into double crawler machine with plate,foam and remedy pu sandwich panel machine between the highest and bottom layer of heated double crawler machine;when it’s cured and formed,the trimming gadget on either side will get it into accurate dimension.
Steel Sandwich Panel Production Line. This Production line is suitable for manufacturing socket type ( wall plate panel ) and lapped type ( roof tile panel ) pu sandwich panels. This tools is broadly used for steel structure workshop, roofs of easy and straightforward movable houses, wall body, suspended ceilings of air purification room, and separation.

3. Our foam machines’ manufacturing stage are leader in the trade. High High quality EPS and Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line. Functions: Polyurethane sandwich panels have a composite construction whose core might be filled up with insulation materials, such as polyurethane foam or rock wool.
Complete gear is split into PU insulation part and Facing sheet profiling part. Polystyrene foam sandwich panel primarily applies to public buildings, the roof of the industrial plant, Walls and clean rooms and the mixture of chilly storage, building access layer,kiosks and so on….

6. The characteristic of this steady rubber belt sandwich line is ALL elements including forming machine, lamination, conveyor, cutter and auto stacking gear are synchronized by a central Ratio Setter control system. Company profile A professional producer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Sandwich panels, Rubber Foam Insulation in China.
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